who is katherine?

katherine fugateScreenwriter Katherine Fugate is probably best known as the writer of the hit film, "Valentine's Day," and "New Year's Eve" directed by Garry Marshall and starring an all-star cast.  Sold as an original pitch to New Line Cinema, "Valentine's Day" broke several box office records.   

Katherine is the creator of the hit television drama series “Army Wives” (ABC/Lifetime) where she is also served as Executive Producer for two years.  The series is now in its 6th season.  She has since directly worked with First Lady Michelle Obama on the “Joining Forces” campaign, appearing on MSNBC and writing a PSA, starring Steven Spielberg, to further shine a light on the sacrifices our military families make.

It is the most successful series in the network’s 24-year history and was awarded a WIN award and a Gracie Award in its first year.  Katherine has appeared on television and in the US Senate where she spoke about the PTSD issues highlighted in the TV series.

In July, 2008, Katherine was chosen as 1 of 50 women in Daily Variety's Annual Women of Impact in Hollywood issue.   She was also elected to the Board of Directors of the Writers Guild of America, West and has served two terms. 

Through her film company, Carpe Diem Films, Inc., Fugate has optioned the life rights to two different true life stories. She is currently writing and directing her first feature, “Boxer,” for Anonymous Content, based on one true life story and she is executive producing and writing another true life story, “An Ordinary Murder,” for Lifetime Television.

Katherine is also the writer of several feature films including “The Prince & Me” (Paramount/Lionsgate, 2004) starring Julia Stiles, which has also gone on to create several sequels based on her original characters.  

In addition to her knack for getting original stories on the page, Katherine has a fearless streak that helps her get things done behind the scenes in Hollywood. In 2003, casting began on a feature film she had written, “Carolina” (Miramax Films, 2004). The film was largely autobiographical and the role of Grandma Mirabeau was based on Katherine’s own grandmother, who had recently passed away. Katherine had her heart set on Shirley MacLaine, who had passed on the script unread, having given up on Hollywood. So she went to the unusual length of dressing up as a messenger to hand deliver the script and a personal note to MacLaine at her Malibu home. The gambit worked, and MacLaine called just hours later to accept the role.

Fugate has also created two non-profits, The Writers Fund, which aids WGA writers in need, and Prize The Surprize, Inc, which focuses on the women and children from homes affected by domestic violence. In 2010, she was feted in France, by the French Film Commission as one of the Top Ten Screenwriters of the Year.  Charity work is a passion of hers and she's contributed time and money to issues regarding teen runaways, children of alcoholics, domestic violence and rebuilding the city of New Orleans, post-Katrina.

Katherine has roots in both Southern California and in New Orleans, where she is an avid fan of the New Orleans Saints. 

She has always been close to her aunt, “I Dream of Jeannie” star, Barbara Eden, who has been a constant source of strength, so much so that Katherine named her only child, her daughter, Madeleine Barbara.   

Katherine is represented by: The Gersh Agency.  (310) 274-6611.