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13 march 2008

Writer/ Executive Producer Katherine Fugate stopped in to talk features and television. Xena fans know her from "When Fates Collide". Army Wives is her new series and it is the number one show in the history of the Lifetime network. In addition she has also penned the new Gary Marshall Feature Valentine's Day.

Filmnut - Katherine Fugate

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January 2008

AUSXIP Interview with Katherine Fugate

This 40 minute interview deals with Katherine's path from possible lawyer to successful writer and producer of Army Wives, as well as what writing for Xena meant to her and the fan support during the WGA strike. 

ausxip interview
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Katherine Fugate at the 11th Annual PRISM Showcase Event

here is a clip of the senate speech i did for army wives about ptsd at the 11th Annual PRISM Showcase event on Capitol Hill in the fall of 2007 (PRISM Awards Capitol Hill Showcase recognizes the accurate depictions of alcohol, drug and tobacco use, addiction and treatment in feature film, television and music). 


Creator of "Army Wives" joins striking writers on "XENA DAY" 

Katherine on "Carolina"


Katherine on getting Shirley MacLaine for "Carolina"


Katherine on "The Prince & Me"


Katherine on CBS Sunday Morning


Katherine at Xena 2004


Katherine on Barbara Eden